Social Media Q&A

Last week, our PR & social media manager Jessica, held a Q&A on Instagram to answer any questions you had surrounding social media. Here are the most frequently asked ones below… Which platforms should we use? It really does depend on your customer demographic and what you want to achieve from the platforms. Personally, for…Continue reading Social Media Q&A

Temporary Suspension of Operations

We have been monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic which has and continues to bring unprecedented social and economic challenges. As a conscientious organisation, we recognise the threat which exists to us all. It is therefore essential that we take the appropriate action. Considering recent events, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend all operations from 5pm…Continue reading Temporary Suspension of Operations

Introducing Our New 2020 Directory

We’re proud to introduce our new 2020 Directory. Now available to order, our new 2020 Directory features the most comprehensive and flexible, industry leading range of quality kitchen components – all designed to help you create exceptional results. Including… More in-demand colours and design options from our leading stocked portfolio Hugely extended bespoke design options…Continue reading Introducing Our New 2020 Directory

We provide the sum of the parts, so you can create the whole

A wise man once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (Aristotle), and that’s why we’re ever committed to providing the most comprehensive, industry leading range of quality kitchen and bedroom components – helping you to create exceptional finished results. Expect even more trend leading choice and flexibility from our 2020 Directory of innovations – watch out,…Continue reading We provide the sum of the parts, so you can create the whole

Introducing PWS Bedrooms

We’re delighted to launch our brand-new bedroom range – PWS Bedrooms. Now available to order via your existing PWS account, our new bedroom collection offers one of the most comprehensive and flexible ranges of bedroom furniture in the industry, including: Doors in component, complete, made-to-measure and sliding formats Collection of chests, dressing tables, desks and bed frames Internal storage,…Continue reading Introducing PWS Bedrooms