New Worksurface Fabrication Processes

Here at PWS, we have made substantial advancements in our worksurface services. From new materials to upgrading our factory with industry-leading resources, we are proud to be at the forefront of the market when it comes to worksurfaces.

As a part of this, this year we are delighted to introduce a series of new fabrication processes to upgrade your worksurface designs.

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Classic Upstand Accessory Detailing

Strata Quartz Arabieto Bianco Shown Above with Scotia Classic Upstand Accessory

The industry has seen a surge in demand for more ornate and intricately detailed worksurfaces presenting a more decorative look.
As a result, we have introduced three new classic upstand options. This will provide a more detailed trim along the base of the classic upstand. There are three classic upstand accessories to choose from, each with its own distinct style, Scotia, Ogee and Table.

This subtle, ornate detailing is the perfect addition to your worksurface upstand to elevate your kitchen design.

Waterfall Textured Downstand

Dekton Sirius featuring a Ribbed Surface Textured Downstand

To reflect the growing demand for more texture in the kitchen, we have introduced two new textured downstand options. Choose from either a Ribbed or Scalloped finish to create a striking surface for your kitchen. These new detailed processes are available in a range of feature downstand applications including sink downstands, waterfall end panels and breakfast bar cladding.

With so much development in our Worksurface sector, we are looking forward to another year focused on bringing you the finest materials from around the world with efficiency and the highest quality.

For more information on any of the processes mentioned, get in touch with your account manager today. Or for a quick and easy quote head to our Online Worksurface Estimator.