Innovations 2023: New Stocked Colours

As part of our biggest frontal launch yet, our market-leading portfolio has been enhanced with the introduction of a range of new stocked-colour options.

In this post, we break down the new additions to three of our most popular door ranges: Hunton, Remo and Porter.

Hunton – 3 New Colours

This classic and popular shaker door has seen the biggest contribution to its stocked colour range. We are introducing 3 new colours to the stocked collection: Taupe Grey, Graphite and Regiment.

Hunton in Taupe Grey and Graphite

Remo – 2 New Colours

We are delighted to expand the stocked colour range for the market-leading J-pull slab door, Remo. You can now find Remo available in a range of 15 stocked finishes after the addition of Taupe Grey (Matt and Gloss) and Regiment (Matt and Gloss).

Remo in Regiment with Unity in Black Marquina

Porter – 2 New Colours

Now available in 18 stocked finishes across kitchen, bedroom and home office; we have introduced Taupe Grey (Matt and Gloss) and Regiment (Matt and Gloss) to this already extensive range of stocked colours.

Porter Handleless in Taupe Grey

Which innovation are you most excited about?