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Following our major new product launches this Autumn we’ve significantly enhanced our Northern Design Centre.

The breath of change has been huge, with over twenty new kitchen and bedroom displays, including two brand new door families and a variety of new feature products and design solutions in a range of new and exciting colours.

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Now including Clarendon, Hunton, Alpina and more!

Including a Hunton appliance bank display – showing new product sizes and combinations, from a new no filler appliance matrix.

and there’s more…

A major part of our Autumn launch was the new introduction of PWS Bedrooms – now available in component, complete, sliding and made-to-measure formats. To support this we’ve introduced a range of new bedroom displays into our Northern Design Centre which reflect the new offer.

Now open for customer visits:

9am – 5pm Mon – Wed

9am – 7pm Thurs

9am – 5pm Fri

9am – 1pm Sat

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