Introducing Outline

Your favourite door families, just not as you know them.

We’re delighted to introduce our brand-new bespoke integrated handle collection, Outline.

Porter Portal

Following extensive research and development, Outline combines aesthetic design, practicality, and durability with intricate manufacturing techniques to offer a distinct and original collection; a first for the independent sector.  

Hunton Edge

Meeting the growing consumer demand for more personalised and tailored kitchens, the new range combines our most popular door families, across both classic and modern styles, with a selection of integrated handle options to offer the consumer the look and feel of a bespoke, premium kitchen but at an attractive price point.

Porter Channel & Extended Channel

Supported by a simple online ordering platform, a digital configurator, a comprehensive suite of trade materials and a brand-new consumer brochure, Outline ensures you can stand out from the crowd and secure more business.

Outline digital configurator

“With over 2,500 design possibilities, Outline provides an opportunity to enter a growing area of the market, stand out from the crowd and create unique kitchens, tailored to a consumer’s individual taste and needs.” Comments Laura Vaillant, Product Designer at PWS.

“By building on our existing door families, rather than developing a completely different door range, it ensures our customer base will feel confident and at ease when designing with Outline, as they will already have a product they know and love as a starting point.”

A vast array of possibilities can be achieved.

The collection, which features four different handle types; Portal, Edge, Channel and Extended Channel, is available to order now through our website or for more information please contact the Sales and Service department on 01325 505599.