Cosentino launches 4mm Dekton surface

Earlier this month, our product design team headed to Cosentino in Darlington to spend the day learning about the new Dekton® Slim, an innovative take on their ultra-compact worktop.

Here, our Junior Product Designer, Harvey, takes us through a run down of the day, and what he thinks of this new introduction.

So, Harvey, tell us about the day!

The day started with a lovely meet and greet by the Cosentino team, and a very informative presentation taking us through the different types of applications for this product, as well as how it could be installed and fitted.

We wanted to understand the wider range possibilities and opportunities available using the material, not just as a worksurface!

Dekton® Slim

The Cosentino team also specified the other areas in which Dekton® Slim could be used, including, wall cladding in kitchens, bathrooms and other architectural environments, as well as, providing a handy demonstration on how it would be installed; it was impressive to see how easy the 4mm surface could be cut and how strong it remained in the process.

Our worksurfaces installation team even had a go…

And for those customers that also specify bathrooms…

“We were told that these surfaces were ‘perfect for bathrooms’ as the sizes, installation and properties lend themselves very well for those areas. An example they gave included using adhesive to cover your old tiled wall and then placing a 4mm slab over the top of them.”

With nine finishes available and 20 more being introduced over the next coming months, Dekton® Slim allows for unlimited design options, whilst being easy to install.

Dekton® Slim

What are the advantages of using
Dekton® Slim?

Slim perfectly complements all the features and properties that Dekton® has been known for since day one, whilst its reduced thickness and weight (10 kg/m2), is an ideal choice for projects that require high performance and lightweight materials.

The main selling point of Dekton® Slim is its ease of installation and on-site cutting ability.

Dekton® Slim will also give you the opportunity to explore the option of creating concrete look larders or full marble islands; quite an exciting feature and a great addition for kitchen designers.

Are there any disadvantages of
using Dekton® Slim?

Although it was impressively strong for a 4mm surface, I don’t personally believe it would be suitable as a kitchen worktop as it would be too fragile and could be damaged if heavy objects are dropped on it.

Thanks for reading!

So, what do you think? Have you used it and got any thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.

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